Cybil Lewis Detective Agency-We Find It--in Pieces

Cybil Lewis is a kick-azz heroine. She's quick with her wit, her lasergun and finding the bad guy (or girl). If you want it/her/him/them found, Cybil's got you covered. She's a private inspector in the year 2146. If you enjoy dystopian settings, quick action, mystery and verbal sass, this series is for you. Join this private-eye in life-altering adventures in a near-future world that's as diverse as it is dangerous.

DNA Doesn't Lie. People Do.

Private Inspector, Cybil Lewis's life is fairly complicated in post war D.C. aka The District. She and Jane are enjoying a typical Monday when a blast from her past strolls through the door.

Benjamin Satou. Cyborg. Soldier. Trouble.

Long before Cybil had Jane, she'd solved a missing person's case for the what mess was he bringing to her this time?

What unfolds is a case so wrought with wickedness, that it will take all of Cybil's skills, including her favorite gun, and her favorite partner, Jane to investigate.

After all, DNA doesn't lie. People do. Get REPLICATED today.