Cybil Lewis Detective Agency-We Find It--in Pieces

Cybil Lewis is a kick-azz heroine. She's quick with her wit, her lasergun and finding the bad guy (or girl). If you want it/her/him/them found, Cybil's got you covered. She's a private inspector in the year 2146. If you enjoy dystopian settings, quick action, mystery and verbal sass, this series is for you. Join this private-eye in life-altering adventures in a near-future world that's as diverse as it is dangerous.

More Praise for Cybil Lewis!

Cybil Lewis continues to garner praise from reviewers. Recently three reviews were posted to Amazon and Goodreads regarding both Silenced: A Cybil Lewis Novel and Reunited: A Cybil Lewis Story.

Read more on for the feedback, and remember to show your authors some love by posting reviews too. We love feedback about as much as Cybil loves her pug lasergun.

"Great short story with a strong heroine, set in a unique sci-fi world..." 4 Star Review from Amy Braun for REUNITED: A Cybil Lewis Story.

"I haven't read Sci-Fi in a while, and I am so glad that I came back with this title. Fast paced, with a kicking heroine--- yes, this series is where you can get back into the Sci-Fi groove." 5 Star Review from Wynelda Shelton for REUNITED: A Cybil Lewis Story.

""Silenced" is a great combination of science fiction and murder mystery. I appreciate how the sci-fi setting seemed very realistic and flowed throughout the story without needing to be overly explained to the reader." 5 Star Review from Talitha Jeffrey for SILENCED: A Cybil Lewis Novel

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