Cybil Lewis Detective Agency-We Find It--in Pieces

Cybil Lewis is a kick-azz heroine. She's quick with her wit, her lasergun and finding the bad guy (or girl). If you want it/her/him/them found, Cybil's got you covered. She's a private inspector in the year 2146. If you enjoy dystopian settings, quick action, mystery and verbal sass, this series is for you. Join this private-eye in life-altering adventures in a near-future world that's as diverse as it is dangerous.

Winter in the District

The morning's gray clouds huddled against the cold blast of wind howling through The District. It's morning like these that I longed for a nice, sexy man lying beside me, his body's warmth wafting out against me. Then I remembered all the antics that come with the other parts of a relationship.

Coffee sounded better.

The telemonitor buzzed and soon Jane's face appeared on the screen. Her usual early morning scowl spoiled her flawless complexion. Dark green eyes peered through slits. When I clicked on audible, the rush of annoyance weighed in--loud and clear.

"Cyb, I just got a ready call from a man out of the Southwest Territories. He claims to have information, about...about..."

I crossed my arms. "Get on with it Jane. It's early yet."

The hammering of my heart increased at the mention of the Southwest. My niece and my sister lived out in the Southwest territories. Traveling between the territories always involved a heightened level of danger. Unlike the Northwest Territories, the Southwest seemed to have its act together. 

Still nothing was absolute in this new world order.

Jane cursed and then turned back to the screen. "They're missin'. They're gone..."

All that raging hammering of my heart, stopped. Cold. "What?"

"The uh, local regs, contacted the office and it rolled over to me. I got me bags packed."

"See you in 10."

I terminated the transmission. With my body on autopilot, I was showered, packed and in the wauto in less than 8 minutes. With only 2 minutes of hot water, getting cleaned had become a precise use of precision washing.  

Numb, I couldn't feel anything except a rising fury. Whomever nicked my niece and my sister were going to feel all of my wrath.